Wednesday, November 2, 2011

If I could, would you?

One word - WONDERFUL
Love that 'feel good feeling' of my heart and mind
being captivated by God's gift to man,
the one woman who can put the blinders on and all 
you can see is her.
Matters of the Heart

If I could, would you...?
On my mind by Toni Taylor
 If I could
Steal a moment of your time
With the intentions
Of wooing your mind
To make you mine,
Would you embrace the thought
With open arms
And a warm heart,
Or would you deny me access
And chase me away
Like a thief in the night?

If I could
Take you by the hand
And lead you on a boundless journey
In blissful thought,
Would you hold on tight
And allow your thoughts
To take flight
With me into a night
Filled with endless passion
Or would you deny me access
And pull your hand back
Refusing to let our minds

If I could
Overcome my fear of heights
I'll take a hike
And climb the highest mountain
To serenade you,
In a last gasp effort
To fill your heart and mind
With an undying love
For a lifetime
Would you lend me your ear
So you could hear
Me roar,
As the words I sing
Like an eagle in flight…
Would you give the sweet melodic
Sounds of 'love and romance'
A chance
To provoke you to dance
With me
Or would you deny me access
To your heart
And change the tune
To a rhythm less beat,
From the highest peak
My heart and mind will come
Tumblin’ down
To the valley below,
I shall dance no more.
 If I could, would you...?

Heavenly Arch - Jason Delancey

 Terry Reese Jr.
© 2004


  1. Oh, i like this. If i couldawouldashoulda? If i could spend one moment in your mind, would you leave me blind, blinded, existing in a bliss my heart has never known. Just wondering, IF? (don't be scared, freestyling). This is really good, thanks for sharing.

  2. LOL@ don't be scared, thank you so very much and there's nothing more creative then when the mind is inspired to all one thought to like a baton in a relay race as it is handed off and you simply go to work. Lovin' it! Thank you for that Miz!

  3. If I could...Would you
    Would you give up everything you have and run away with me?
    If I could give up all I have would you still feel the same about me?
    Would you take me as I am if I had nothing at all?
    If I was down and out... would you stand by me?
    Would you give up gettin your nails and hair done to watch a DVD with me?
    If I praised God... would you go to church with me?
    If is a powerful word... I don't blame you IF your want is different than my would but WOULD YOU?

  4. I apologize Tee, but i just got to get into this...

    I would. I would with no questions asked, no answers delivered.

    I would.
    But i wonder, if you could, would you...
    Love me despite my flaws, encase me in protection that is above the law.
    Would you, allow me to freely be me, while loving you and seeking you freely.
    Do we stand the chance of a love so new, so wonderful, so delightful that everyone knew...
    We were, are, what should be...could be...only, if you could, would you, choose me?

  5. @ unknown poet, outstanding piece of your mind!

    @ Miz, no apologies warranted simply free your mind and us follow your thoughts. Lovin' it, lovin' it, lovin' it!

    Thank you both for the incredible shares!