Friday, November 18, 2011

I lay for you to paint

Smiling and feeling good when I hear India Arie sing
She leaves me feeling good about being in the skin I'm in.
The visual picture she paints through song... Priceless!

Matters of the Heart

'I Lay For You To Paint'

Like Art...

I lay for you to paint...
The Picture-Perfect view
of the two of us

As I lay for you
On a blank canvas...
What is the picture
You'll paint?
Not to taint
Your vision
With that of mine
I paint
An image of...
Paradise by Merrill Robinson
The two of us,
And Body

In wondrous play
As we lay
Beach side
On a blanket.

With you near
I'll whisper

In your ear
Like the calm
Before the storm
Titilatin' words
That excite your mind
And fuel your body

With the energy of...
Ocean waves
In motion.

Thinking aloud...
That would be my
'Picture-Perfect View'
Of the two of us,
Mind and Body Intertwined
In wondrous play
As we lay.

Like Art...

I lay for you to paint...
Your 'picture-perfect view'
Of the two of us...

Terry Reese Jr.

2004 (C)