Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Okay to Dream

After hearing this song on the skate rink floor this past 
Thursday (Thanksgiving night).. It was a moment of reflection 
that had me smiling and once again dreaming... digging into
my vault of sensuous thoughts shared...

Matters of the Heart

`It`s O.K. To Dream`
Afternoon Dreams II by Consuelo Gamboa

Beautiful Lady,
This morning I woke up in a panic, because I thought I had lost you forever to a dream. But then I soon realized that it`s ok to dream. You see, my dreams allow me to travel deep into my heart to a secret place that I only want to share with you. There`s no one word I can think of that can describe why or how it came to be, but you managed to soar deep into my heart where there`s no boundaries and I`m free to express me to you.

When I think about how life gives us different twists and turns, I`ve always found a way to see the good and accept the bad. In life, we all face the challenge of overcoming obstacles... so I live my life by a hurdler`s creed, "There`s no obstacle I can`t overcome!"

Beautiful lady, 
I found a way to see the good in my desires to love you, and I accept the bad that I can`t have and love you as my own. So when you cross my mind, I smile and say `thanks` for being a part of my day and at night when I lay my head on a pillow to sleep, I look forward to my next dream. Because when I dream of you, I fall `head over heels` in love all over again! Let these words serve as your reminder that you hold a special place in my thoughts and the key to my heart that allows me to Share My World with you... I`m Dreamin`... what a pretty sight you are to me.

Terry Reese, Jr © 


  1. Once again you have done it...wrote a beautiful piece of prose. I am one who loves to dream, daydream, night blissful and peaceful to me. In my dreams, I see and feel and touch LOVE the way i want to in real life. My dreams are a manifestation of my wants, needs and desires. My dreams help me to solidify an anticipate him. Thank you for reminding us all of the beauty of dreaming.

  2. Thank you Miz,

    Dreaming in anticipation... I like that train of thought... and it is what keeps me grounded so to speak. No matter how bleak it seems at times, it is those wondrous thoughts that keeps me focused and living in the moments of each day.. still believing in 'the dream'.

    I appreciate your kind words, but appreciate even more your train of thought shared. Thank you for being a dreamer too.