Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Stand Tall and Flex

Love that 'appreciation' for the Beautiful Black Woman feeling 
I get when I hear a song like THIS!

A piece of my mind...

Matters of the Heart

'I Stand Tall and Flex'
My protector by Laurie Cooper
 My Beautiful Black Queen, 
You fuel my heart and soul
With an overwhelming
Desire to...
Need to...
Stand tall and flex.

Like a 
’Tower of Power’ 
you can lean against 
in your time of need. 

I stand tall and flex

With open arms
I stand stern
I stand ready
To comfort you
With a warm embrace
Ebony Embrace by Clay Wright
To let you know
You’re safe with me.

My Beautiful Black Queen,
With you by my side
You fuel me with Pride
That gives me the
Strength to…
Power of Love by Wak (Kevin A. Williams)
Courage to…
Stand tall and flex…

As I stand strong
And hold my ground, 
I serve as the protector
Of your heart, mind and spirit
with an 'undying and unconditional love'
For a lifetime

My Beautiful Black Queen,
You are my gift from ‘God’
And I pay Homage
To your beautiful presence

I Stand Tall and Flex!

Terry Reese Jr.
(C) 2004


  1. Oh i do remember this song. Such a wonderful tribute, just like your poem! Keep them coming man!

  2. Loving the tribute, the song hits the spot! Thank you Miz for the always kind and supportive words of whatever it is I have to share :-) it's greatly appreciated!