Thursday, November 17, 2011

I want to grind...

I want to grind
Your mind...

With words 
That flow 
Off the tip 
Of my tongue 
With a glow 
that'll illuminate 
Your thoughts 
And guide you 
To that special place 
Where dreamer's 
Like me dream. 

I want to grind 
Your mind... 

With thirst quenchin' words 
That flow 
Off the tip 
Of my tongue slow 
So you can 
Take sips 
Allowing my thoughts 
To marinate 
In your mind 
Like a fine 

I want to grind 
Your mind... 

With passion-filled words 
That flow 
Off the tip 
Of my tongue 
Like a thrustin' 
Of our hips 
And windin' 
In wondrous play 

I want to grind... 

Right Now by Merrill Robinson
Do you?

Terry Reese Jr (C)


Whew! Now that I got me Thinkin'...
Heard this on my mp3 player as I worked out today...
Lovin' the mood it sets in this mind of mine :-)


  1. Lovely piece and who supplies better mood music than Maxwell?

  2. Thank you Michele, and you're right.. I have to give Maxwell his props. I appreciate your help bruh... lol.

  3. Whew! Alrighty then. This was very hot, reminds me a piece i done a while back, in fact it almost fits perfectly in with yours, hope you don't mind if i share:

    So he says he wants to make love to my mind….
    Take his time, feeding me images and words
    Like fauna and flora, mental bursts of pleasure
    I've come to treasure
    Birthing new rhymes, a beat I can tap my feet to
    Creating lullabies, I want to fall asleep to

    Make love to my mind…Seep into my psyche, enticing me
    He doesn't hesitate, never procrastinates, only regulates
    His flow, smooth, like silk, sweet tender etchings
    At my door, and I ain't gonna lie, I want more

    I tremble and shake, trying not to wake, trying not to quake
    Too soon,
    But I can't hold, can't stop, won't stop
    The orgasms of thought, birthing mad verse
    Food for the universe…and me

    His words
    His words
    Free me

    He says he wants to make love to my mind….
    And I'm thinking, yeah…one mo time!

  4. I Absolutely Welcome the share... From what I've read of you thus far. It didn't surprise me one bit that you've had something of this nature in your arsenal of thoughts. Lovin' it! Thank you for allowing my piece to inspire you to share a piece of you. Lovin' it! Thank you, thank you Miz!