Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Bouquet of Flowers

'Love Letter' by Frank Morrison

A Bouquet of Flowers

Like that of a beautiful bouquet of flowers...
When you planted your seed
In my garden of thought..
You planted the need
To see love grow.

Like that of a beautiful bouquet of flowers..
Through the love and tender care
Of it's gardener
You watered and nourish
My soul with food for thought..

Like that of a beautiful bouquet of flowers..
The sweet rayz of sunlight

Brought it to life..
It is your smile,
Those sweet rayz of joy
That brings my world of thought to life!

Like that of a beautiful bouquet of flowers
My garden of thought has..

Blossomed into a beautiful bed of roses. 

Terry Reese Jr (c)

When I'm thinking of that sweet dream of mine, 
I easily lose myself in song...


  1. So, waking up to this was an extremely special gift, that made me swell...just imagining those words being written for me. Well, that "sweet dream" of yours, should be honored. That Usher song is sooooo good, kind of puts you in the mood, huh? Laughing. Alright Tee, have a great day! Smile for me :)

  2. Thank you Miz! Too kind but know that it's appreciated. And I simply say, I gladly blame it on that 'sweet dream' that inspired the need to put pen to pad in an effort to etch that 'feel good feeling' not only in her heart but to put it in print the 'timeless' smile I wear when I think of the goodness of her presence. Love that another (you) can embrace my share in a way that speaks to you on some level. And yeah, that song by Usher is the mood :-)