Sunday, November 20, 2011

Have you ever had that...

Shaking my head appreciatively of these 'Words'... as usual I find inspiration
from what goes in these ears of mines when it comes to music dealing with...

Matters of The Heart

Whether I can currently lay claims to loving like this or not, those feelings are with me
and I'm 'all smiles' as I reflect on 'loving like this'. I love the voice on India Arie, you 
can simply hear the beauty that resides deep inside her heart and a 
jump-shoulder bump to Anthony David for his masterful skills as well.


Have you ever had that...

In Our Solitude by John Holyfield
'Damn this feels good feeling' of
this can't be but a dream?
That one person who
seemingly without warning
crept from your dream
and made it your reality?

The thought alone
has me relivin' a moment in time...
When I've chased the dream
and made it my 'reality'.

'Damn that feels good!'
To woo the mind of
my 'dream lover'
To hold in my hand,
the key to her heart.

'Damn that feels good!'
To stand tall and flex...
To be her 'Tower of Power'
she can lean against
in her time of need.

'Damn that feels good!'
To kneel at her bedside
So ready'..
So willin'
and able
To serve whatever it is
her heart desires.

'Damn, this feels good!'
To flop back in my chair
and visualize
A moment in time
that will forever be etched
into my memories of
a 'dream kind of love'
that keeps me anticipating
our next reunion...

'Damn it feels good!'
To wake up from a dream
knowing she's lying next to me.
Damn, it feels good!'
To go about my day
knowing she awaits me
with open arms.

'Damn, it feels good' when...
My heart beats
to a rhythm that spells out her name...

D r E a M L o V e R!

Oh how she fuels...
my need and desire
to be touched and caressed.
She fuels...
my need and desire
to place soft kisses
all over her body
from head to toe...

Mm Mm Mm,

I love that
'Damn, it feels good' feeling
Have you ever felt that???

Like a thief in the night
let me steal a moment of your time...
long enough to share in a dream...
your dream
Driftin' by John Holyfield
 Terry Reese Jr. © 


  1. So on track with your off track thoughts

  2. Thank you for so graciously reading and leaving your footprint. Your words are appreciated.

  3. Damn it feels good to read this, and dream.

  4. Miz, an appropriate response. Thank you for the choice words. It's greatly appreciated.