Thursday, November 10, 2011

Never again do I want you to feel...

Missing someone isn’t about how long it has been since you’ve seen them or the amount of time since you’ve talked. It’s about that very moment when you find yourself doing something and wishing they were right there by your side.


I absolutely love how this song take me to that place. I heard it on my drive home today and it has me thinking about how certain songs are elevated in your train of thought depending on your state of mind and/ or stage in life where there's a crossroad. I guess you can say I'm at a crossroad in my life when it comes to finding that lovely lady who will be by my side mentally, physically, and spiritually enduring and overcoming the challenges of life. 

You Deserve The World by Kolongi
Living and learning from the choices we make definitely has its growing pains and when I listen to this song, it sings to my heart and soul as I reflect on how my lack of honesty, lack of trusting my innermost thoughts with that special someone who I'd give the world.
The picture I want to paint isn't always filled with roses when it comes to 'matters of the heart'... the fear of losing a blessing lead to some selfish acts that could have been avoided if I had simply faced those fears with the one I love.

~~~~~~~ Matters of the Heart ~~~~~~~

Never Again do I want you to feel…
For your eyes only by Gerald Ivey
 Never again do I want you to feel
the pain you're in...

I can't keep count
of the number of times
you've had to dig deep within
to forgive me and love me
through the lies and the whys.

Never again do I want you to feel
the pain you're in...

You from the beginning
have been an example
that honesty brings about
total understanding.

Never again do I want you to feel
the pain you're in...

I don't know where to begin
to apologize for the hurt
but I know now this is where it ends.
No more will I revert

To the lies and the whys

Never again do I want you to feel
the pain you're in...

There was no gain
in the lies i tried in my reasoning why,
I prayerfully hope that your heart
will forgive me and I can
someday regain your trust...
That my love for you is truly genuine
and you loving me weren’t a misjudgment.

Never again will I cause
the pain you're in...

Because this is where I begin
To live by the way you've
always been...
Honest with your thoughts and

Trusting with your heart.
No Burden's Too Heavy by Alonzo Adams
© Terry Reese Jr


  1. Very beautiful and touching as always. It seems to me that you are no longer at a crossroads, but have indeed chosen your path. Remembering is okay as long as you are not traversing backwards, the memories can go forward, the regrets have their place in the past and move forward as lessons learned. You're on a mission, traveling light, but also taking with you what is most important your heart, soul and spirit. Memories are wonderful reminders, but are not meant to cloud your vision of all you have to offer. Believe me, she is out there waiting on you!

  2. Oh yeah, and that Frankie Beverly & Maze cut is one of my favorites and definitely brings up some memories.

  3. Miz,

    Thank you for the incredible insight and yes, thumbs up on this Frankie Beverly & Maze cut. Has that true touch of human emotions from the music, the lyrics and singing.