Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Am Just A Knight

Ever had that feeling, that feeling of do I step out of this dream state
and make it my reality? Do I step out on faith that when I expose
these feelings that are deep within, that one person 
who captivates your soul will embrace you wholeheartedly?

The dreamer/ romantic in me absolutely love this Zhane song 
from the 1st verse on. (of course changing a word or two from him to her) 

Matters of the Heart

‘I am just a Knight In Your Army’
Soul Mates by WAK

When I think of us, you are my Queen,
And I your knight ‘In Shining Armour’

The first time I approached you,
I wasn’t sure how you would receive me,
For I am just one knight in your army.
As a knight, I’m bound to serve and protect
Your kingdom  with my life,
But as your Knight ‘In Shining Armour’
I would serve and protect ‘our love’
By making you my wife.

My thoughts and feelings overwhelm me,
I can’t hold back what’s in my heart.
My dearest Queen, “I come before you,
Not a your loyal servant, but as a man torn
Between my duties to serve and protect your kingdom
And my longing desires to love you as my own.
I know my love for you will be seen as a forbidden love,
But I’ve noticed you watching me from a distance
For far too long and each time our eyes meet.
Love is all in your eyes like the burning flame
Of ‘love’s fire’ at my feet.”

We can’t deny the joy it brings to our hearts
To see we’ve found love. So I ask you
To do what you feel with these feelings for…
I am just a knight in your army.

My Queen, if only for one night,
Let me be the one to treat you right.
I’m your Knight ‘In Shining Armour’
And I come to sweep you off your feet,
We’ll take flight into the night
To a place where our love can blossom.
Our hearts will be the guide as we discover
Love has no boundaries…

My Queen, though I’m just a knight in your army,
Tonight I’m your Knight ‘In Shining Armour!’

Terry Reese Jr.
© 2001


  1. Yes, the answer is yes! But, i think i'm gonna sit back, wait and listen...maybe i'll hear him coming. I'm gonna look to the hills and expect him to show knight in shining armor.

    Good one Tee!

  2. Thank you Miz!

    And thank you for the always syncing right in the flow...