Friday, December 30, 2011

Knight of the Night

Forever the dreamer with I be... 
And when the dream is complete
I'll continue to dream on...
 with that special lady by my side.

Matters of the Heart

‘Knight of the Night’

My Queen by Kolongi
When I first laid eyes on you
I use to pretend..

I’m that loyal
‘Knight of the Night’
Who appears at your bedside
Night after night
Willing and able
To serve thee…
Your mind, body, and soul
I’ll feed
Until you’ve had your fill.

When you welcomed me
Into your world as a friend
I use to pretend…

I’m that
‘Knight of the Night’
While you slept
Into your dreams
To sweep
You off  your feet
As we took flight
Into a night
Filled with wondrous play
Two minds..
Two bodies..
In the cravings of…
Sexual healin’.

When we went on
our first date
I knew
this didn’t have to be pretend…

I am your
‘Knight of the Night’
Who waits
On bending knee
Your every wish…
For it is my command…
“How can I serve thee?”

When the day comes
That I take your hand in marriage
I’ll no longer pretend…

This journey through thought
Will never end…
And I’ll forever be
Your ‘Knight of the Night’.

Terry Reese Jr.
2011 ©


  1. Zoom is one of my most favorite songs. Love it! A knight, a knight for a lifetime, yes, this is what i'm talking about! So wonderful! This is what i dream, this beautiful dream that keeps me going. Thank you for so eloquently putting into dream.

  2. Yes, Zoom immediately takes you on that trip down that lane... those who wondrously dream of.. and I appreciate you sharing in the voyage. Your words are greatly appreciate Miz.

    Tee Reese