Tuesday, December 27, 2011

You have my thoughts in a whirlwind...


Matters of the Heart


‘You have my thoughts in a whirlwind’

  Throwin' my hands up... Callin' attention to self
Because it is I at this very moment who's next in line
To take you by the hand for one lastin' dance...
The First Dance by Dwight Juda Ward
You see, there won’t be one winner when we both move
In unison to this groove I call ‘Love and Romance’…
We both will fall victim to this mood of the sweet melody
Of my heart poundin’ a tune that has us steppin’…
Swept Away by Kevin Williams
 Step, step, side to side right into a whirlwind of a lovers’ grind.

Passion-filled thoughts that fill our hearts
Our minds drift atop the highest dunes…
Dunes we’ve created from dancin’ up a storm
In the desert of our minds, a place so deserted
That it will take all the love we have
To find the pathway that leads us back to ‘Reality Way’.

When I thirst, it’ll be you that water my thoughts
And give me that fill, as we continue to do our dance
From hill top dune to hill top dune…

The sands of time of this hourglass will have no end…
You have my thoughts in a whirlwind.

Terry Reese Jr
© 2007


It's songs like THIS that tap into the dreamer in me... I may not be
in the place I want to be, but my heart and mind knows the feeling
and the spirit of loving like THIS is ever so vibrant. 

Love how I'm made to feel when I hear this song...


  1. This was good Tee! I know all about that envisioning and remembering...it puts you right there. We know what we want, that is not the question...it's just when.

  2. Amen and amen, it's when! Thank you Miz for the kind words and riding the same choo choo train of thought :-)

    Hope you're enjoying the holidays.