Friday, December 9, 2011

We Wrote..

Word play, 
It can be a visual, moments made precious, thinking of that special someone or being responsive to something I read that inspires the desire to let the pen hit the pad, well with my bad hand writing more like letting the fingers tap away at the keyboard.

Here's a short write with a sensuous touch after I revisited 
a picture I once had in my possession some years ago titled 
'Love Letter' by Arnold Hinton.


We Wrote
Love Letter by Arnold Hinton
With each stroke
of my pen into pad
she wrote
almost in unisom,
keepin' that
grindin' sensation
of my ink deep
between her lines...
Mm Mm Mm,
The more I wrote,
the more she Strokes
my ego...

I stroke,
she strokes
and before I could totally wrap
my mind around that gap
between her thighs
I woke, to only realize
It was all but a dream,
that never materialized...

Love Letter II by Arnold Hinton
Terry Reese Jr. (C) 2008



  1. I like this, it almost seems like time is repeating itself. Thanks again for the share, something special on a Friday eve. Have a great weekend, keep dreaming and of course writing!

  2. Thank you and as it repeats.. it's simply a refresher.. thanks Lady Miz and you too have a great weekend.. and the dreams simply comes with each breath I'm blessed with by my Heavenly Father.