Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What A Treasure Treat It Is To Be...

Matters of the Heart

Heard this song the other day and it had me smiling and thinkin', 
thinkin' and smiling from beginning to end. It had me thinking about a time 
I've felt that unexpected feeling of that someone special before she knew 
she would be just that to me. 

This song reminded me of the piece to follow what I wrote initially as a note 
not knowing how she would respond, better yet, if she would respond at all... 
Shaking my head and laughing at myself because I simply said bump it! 

She gon' know TODAY! 

And if it turns out to be the biggest mistake I've ever made, at least she'll know... 
Well, with elation I was able to breathe a sigh of relief because she did reply 
and yes to this day, I still think about you :-) 

Imagine writing this to someone who had no clue they would
get such a note from someone they have yet to get to know.. Whew!

And I don't regret it one bit...
To close my eyes and envision this being our reality someday...


  1. Think about you is like one of my most fav songs by Luther. The innocence and thought put into it and the feelings are what we all feel when we have found that special crush! I can totally relate. And your poem just does it so much justice! Kudos! And Kudo's to the experience!

  2. Thank you Miz,

    It never gets old to me.. that feeling, that appreciation