Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thank You 'The Skating Place'.

On Thursday December 1, 2011 to the few who made it a purposeful journey across town to lace up the 8s for an evening session of skating for adults only, the customary welcome was followed up with the date December 17, 2011. This date will be the last day the doors will open to skate. The building was on lease and the owner has sold it. The new owner of the property will demolish the building to do something different with the land 'The Skating Place' sits on. 

Adult Night
1st Thursday when I first started skating
A little over a year ago the number of skaters who frequent 'the Place' made a dramatic drop and there was an effort made to address the issues... Well, that effort saw no changes and the few who continued to support 'the Place' made efforts to bring in new faces for fear we'd see the day come when no one will skate in a building that had a lot of floor, a great sound system, a versatile DJ, and a welcoming management team. 

And on that note, a Shout Out to DJ Kdigga, the Lovely Sherry Ann Batts, and the talented Duncan Tru Skate Pea for holding it down. I'm going to miss 'the Place', but most importantly the time spent around you 3 as well as the rest of 'The Skating Place' family (Fluid aka Junior Bounce, Brandon, Lil Rob, Tim, Chris, Reggie, Herb to name a few of the fellows, The Lovely Ladies Monique, Jackie, Candace, the new face India and the list goes on...)

Sherry Ann Batts
DJ Kdigga

Duncan Tru Skate Pea

Doing it for the 'Love of Skating'


When 2012 roll around it'll be 2 years that I've been learning the 'ways of the 8s', how to get my roll on with a little bounce and develop my own signature style/move(s). I've been fortunate to hang around some great people I'd gladly label 'True Friends'. I've been extended a helping hand on how to improve by a good number of you and I say 'Thanks, I'm appreciative of your willingness to share your knowledge and skills"... My biggest shout out goes out to my 1st Skate Hero... Fluid aka Junior Bounce, the man with the signature cuffed pants who did this sideways slide that had my son and I talking about it at the dinner table with his mom.. Fluid has a style of skate I look to master in my own way... he was the first person I saw when I couldn't skate that inspired me to get a pair of skates and learn.. I'm hooked for life.
Fluid aka Junior Bounce
As you can hear me in the background.. Love it!
Fluid is too smooth for words.. 
Slide, Slide, Slide!

December 17, 2011 is the last time any of us will be able to walk through those doors and leave our worries behind... To the Skating Place family... you will be MISSED.. We are left with no choice but to roll like we'll never roll again.. See you Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday!

In the DJ both from left to right (Candace, DJ Kdigga, Fluid, Brandon)
Fluid got a second session started that had us rolling passed 1:30 am on this night

I'm getting it in.. how about you?

In workout mode, 20 minute enduro-roll

Extending my 'Thank You' to the Skating Place
for the memories before the final lights out.
Thank You, Thank You for all you've done!

Bounce, Rock, let's Roller Skate!


  1. So sorry to hear about this. I could tell from your earlier posts that this was a place you truly enjoyed! Here's hoping you find another home :)

  2. Thank you Miz, it's greatly appreciated and yes, it's truly has been a place and environment where one can truly let go and simple live in the moment.

    I'll never understand those who couldn't grasp the importance of a place that was 'for us, by us' but I can definitely say from this experience I've seen how our own can be destructive to a 'good thing'. It's wasn't that long ago for most to remember all we had was 'us'.

  3. I am really gonna miss the Skating Place, for more reasons than one. I have so many fond memories, which I will cherish for always.
    ~The Incredible Spice

  4. Lady Spice! Thank you for adding your thoughts... and you've definitely been one of the highlights of my time spent on the wood.

    ~The Incredible Tee