Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Beauty of You

"Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young." ~ Arthur Pinero
 This quote reflects how I feel daily, a renewing of my mind as I take part in a new day
Matters of the Heart
The Rose by Merryl
The beauty of you
Is seen daily by your physical attributes...
Silky smooth brown skin,
Pretty smile,
Gorgeous face,
And those heavenly sexy thighs!

The beauty of you
Is seen daily when you share yourself,
Your innermost thoughts
Your dreams
And aspirations,
Your kind
And caring heart,
Your passions,
Your great sense of humor...

The beauty of you
Is seen daily by the way you carry yourself.
The way you walk
With grace,
And independence.

The beauty of you
Is seen daily by the way you give of self,
Unselfish with what is yours,
Willingness to sacrifice,
To lend a helping hand,
And simply going above and beyond
What is considered appropriate when
Asked of...
To do for another.

The beauty of you
Is seen daily through your appreciation of life
And what it has to offer you,
Giving thanks to
Those that aid you
In your time of need,
Or simply just because...
No matter how big or small you show
A genuine appreciation.

The beauty of you
Is seen daily by all of the above and then some.
And I simply want you to know
I appreciate and love you for being
The incredible woman you are.

The beauty of you
Is something I look forward to daily!

Terry Reese © 


When you've experience that above feeling, you want to do
everything you possibly can to never lose it. Well, I know that feeling of 
appreciation for someone who displayed 'beauty' from first glance of what 
it is I see visually to getting to know what makes her tick. 

I personally feel like every man who truly loves a woman need to
make it a daily renewal of expressing his appreciation for the one
who makes his heart sing...

And if I could sing... this is how I'd like to tell her... She's Beautiful!

Absolutely love the message, the flow and how it fills me with
that overwhelming desire to Sing it Out Loud!



  1. Beautiful sentiments, along with a "beautiful" song. I need to hear more of this...we all do, each and everyday. Oh how our worlds would be different :) Thank you have the right heart, and a very special spirit and i'm glad to bear witness to it.

  2. I humbly say 'Thank you, so very kind of you'. It's appreciated to know a beautiful woman, beautiful soul relates to the expressed thoughts shared.

    Thank you Miz!