Monday, October 17, 2011

I simply love the sound of 'Us'...

Reflections of my heart,
I know this feeling... thought the song would
work nicely with the share of my thought to follow


Sweet lady,
I simply love the sound of 'Us'...

To read it written from your pen to pad,
'Love Letter' by Arnold Hinton
 Is to etch it, into my heart…

To hear you say it...
Whew! Molds it into my very being…

To think it,
Is to feel the very essence of,
‘We as one' take root in my soul.

'We As One' by Gilbert Young
I simply love the sound of 'Us'...
'Us' defined as...
'We as one' can and will overcome

All our 'trials and tribulations
By working together as we move forward
Bound by a love that is unconditional.

I simply love the sound of 'Us'... 
Because when I now take
 A dreamer's stroll to that wondrous place,
 It allows me to see 
A future that has 'Us' living the dream
We've both wrote about with hopes
'Love Letter II' by Arnold Hinton
Of it becoming our 'Realities'.

Sweet l
I simply love the sound of... 'Us'

'Good Night' by Andrew Nichols

Terry Reese Jr.
(c) 2007


  1. Deep post fam! I'm feelin this one!

  2. @12kyle,
    Thanks bruh, I Preciate you rolling through.

  3. So beautiful. Absolutely loved it.

  4. And i simply loved this post. Nostalgic and beautiful, thanks for sharing...again.

  5. @Michelle
    Thank you for the read and kind words
    Thank you and no matter where I'm at in life... being able to reflect on the rawest of emotions will always keep me 'lifted' and appreciative of knowing these feelings.

  6. Me thinks i'm becoming a bit addictive to you(r words).

    ps. waiting for more:)

  7. Miz!

    Thank you for the word addiction.. Thumbs up on the word play. Very skillfully done. I'm appreciative of knowing that my simplistic use of words can draw another into my train of thought :-).

    I enjoy how you write as well and when I look to my Blog List and see you've posted. I left click for my dose of what you're willing to share with the world.

    Again, thanks for the support, the kind words. Your presence is always welcomed.