Monday, October 3, 2011

The First Time...

"After Glow" by Alonzo Adams
'The First Time...'

The first time I laid eyes on you...
I couldn't take them off you,
because you are so damn Gorgeous!

The first time I spoke to you...
I couldn't stop ramblin'
because I felt drawn to your 
Choo choo train of thought.

The first time I heard your voice... 
I couldn't contain the excitement
you brought to my mind, body and soul.

The first time I met you... I knew right off
I wouldn't be able to walk away from you
because it felt like 'love at first sight'.

The first time I kissed and held you in my arms...
I knew there was no turning back,
because the desires I felt, I needed them fulfilled by you.

The first time we made love...
I couldn't stop myself from whispering in your ear...
'I Love You...'

The first time I can really say
I fell totally 'In love' was…
The day our paths crossed and I fell for you!

Terry Reese Jr.
(c) 2007


I'm feeling this song (see video below), so it's my musical share along with this piece of writing I've shared from the vault of my wondrous thoughts. 


  1. I don't think anything can truly be compared to the first time. Great piece.

  2. That is a beautiful piece that any woman or man could appreciate. It is honesty and passion and compassion at it's i love words! Keep them coming!

  3. @Michele, thank you and for me, simply revisiting 'that first time'. Renews that 'first time' feeling.

    @Miz, thank you... and I love how I'm inspired by how I'm feeling to be able to share the words in a way another can grasp what it is I'm feeling. There's no shame in that loving feeling on my end.. will quickly undress my thoughts and expose it.

    I appreciate the visit and thoughts shared.