Saturday, August 27, 2011

"'Hey Dad"

"Hey Dad!"
Lil T at a Washington Nationals Game
When it comes to my son, there's no better feeling than being greeted by those two words. And I didn't think today (Friday, August 26, 2011) I would be greeted by those two words until after school, but to my surprise I got a mid-morning text... <~ (Yes! My 10 year old son who turns 11 at the end of September has a mobile phone courtesy of his mom. I suppose that's the new norm, I'm still adjusting.) Well, the text was a request for me to come have lunch with him today. With elation in my heart and mind I responded "I'll be there!" :-) I couldn't get dressed fast enough to go have lunch with my 6th grade son, because 
as a 5th grader I didn't get an invite. 

Lil Tee with TJ Graham
TJ Graham
I assumed those days were long gone, that I'll be sitting in a school cafeteria eating lunch with him per his request. <~ ~drops head~ I felt like I lost my 'Super Dad' cape because the request that did come, in those famous words.. "Hey Dad" were followed by "...can you see if TJ can come visit my class, have lunch with me? TJ Graham has been like a big brother to him since the day he was born and when Lil Tee found out TJ would be attending NC State to play football, we've gone to almost every home football game to cheer his buddy on. (S/O to TJ Graham, I appreciate you being there for the little man and I enjoyed the joking about you taking my Superman cape). I suppose with him being in 5th grade, he's the big kid on the block and knowing a college football player who made highlight reels on ESPN carries a little more weight than just plain ole dad coming to visit his class and/ or having lunch with him. Understandable, but HEY! I want to forever be his #1 hero. 

Had to throw on my 'Best Dad' Tee.
No I didn't show up with this shirt on,
I threw it on after lunch with Little Tee.
I was feeling super again!
Well, the little man started middle school at the beginning of August and now that he's back in that position of the lower ranks. Maybe, just maybe I'll reclaim my 'Super Dad' cape and come to the rescue. It's the little things like days like this that has me feeling worthy of my weight in gold. I want to be visible in little Tee's life on a daily as much as I can for as long as I can as he continues to grow and become a better man, a better person than his dad someday. It is through him I can see a reflection of me, the good and the bad which gives me an opportunity to in turn be a better father, a better man, a better person. We all know that kids are the biggest sponges and it is my duty as his father to lead by example and I personally feel like I need to correct those behaviors in myself that aren't up to par that I want him to live by. So, with each new day I'm given an opportunity to show the way, I'm working on me so that I can continue to pave the way that lead his growth. 
"Hey dad, can you come have lunch with me today?" What a great feeling that was to be thought of as he's going about his daily learning. To once again feel that cape around my neck as I make my way to his school.... sign in, slap that visitor sticker on my chest and walk down the halls of his middle school, walk through those cafeteria doors and be greeted by those two words... 

"Hey Dad!"
All is right in my universe again!!!

Oh yeah, one amusing thing happened while we talked and ate. A classmate of his whispered to him, "Ask your dad how much he bench?" That's right, the cape is back on!!!


  1. that's so super cool! BTW, how much DO you bench? LOL

  2. Lol! I haven't been on a bench in quite sometime.. so I was prepared to say something silly. But I didn't. Thanks for taking the time to read my share. I'm enjoying the journey.