Monday, August 15, 2011

It's more than a movie!

It's more than a movie!
My Regal Crown Club card and a free movie ticket I've haven't used yet
  That's right, I'm a a Regal Crown Club member... it's a handy item to have in your wallet 
when you go to the movies as much as I do. With each movie ticket purchased or the arm 
and leg I spend at concessions I earn points. Those points earn me different perks 
ranging from a free movie ticket to free concession offers. And 9 times out of 10 I will pass 
on getting refreshments, including my absolute favorite...
An ice cold ICEE! 
If I don't earn something free for the concession.
It's out of principle that I refuse to breakdown and
pay $5-$6 for that thirst quencher, popcorn and/ or candy. So as I pay and receive my ticket for admission, I eagerly await for the reward ticket(s) that bring an even bigger smile to my movie going experience when it reads Free popcorn/ drink! "YES!" And of course the Tiger Woods double fist pump when it's a **Free Movie Ticket**.

Ticket stubs saved well over 10 years
Thanks to the best friend I've gain as a freshman in college (A funny story I'll have to share one day), I started saving my movie stubs when I saw that he did this. I can't remember exactly when I started but since that day... I've saved what looks to be an over abundance of movie stubs, concerts stubs, plays stubs, an occasional sporting event that I thought was an memorable occasion with little me. But it's all about the movie stubs though. The first thing I do when I get home from a movie, I empty my pockets and store my movie stub(s) in my stubs keeper. =>

The blog is appropriately titled... It's more than a movie! Because it's one of my biggest hobbies and if it's a movie in that 'Must See' category I make it my mission to see it opening day/ night. I want to be one of the first to see it and know how the movie fared before I hear others talking about it. Why? Because most people will tell it! I personally, if I've seen a movie, good or bad. Only comments you'll get out of me is..."It's a must see, it's alright, you'll have to be your own judge..." I don't disclose anything about it that I feel might give it away. The suspense, the unveiling of the story, etc.

I love the guy movies (sci-fi/ action/ super heros, comedy, horror, mystery, drama, based on true stories and I will go to the those other types of movies if I'm accompanying that lovely lady in my life. And for the record if I'm accompanying that lovely lady in my life to a movie I wouldn't go see otherwise. I do make myself totally available to enjoying it.. I just don't have an interest in it for myself. If you get what I mean.

Movies I've enjoyed recently.... The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Transformers, Captain America, you get where this is going... LOL! I haven't been on any date movies of lately so I'll have to think on what I've enjoyed on a date movie... Wow! Haven't been on a date movie in a minute.. so the closest thing I come to a date movie => she'll want to do see.. was sneaking into a theater (Hey! I did pay), a super early matinee during working hours to see, SHH! Don't tell anybody this!.. the movie 'For Colored Girls'... although I hate seeing movies to some degree that make me feel like there aren't any or question myself... 'Am I a good black man?' Because these women have suffered through some tragic things involving the black man. Nonetheless, I allowed myself to feel and enjoyed it. Yes, in a sadden way I enjoyed it! Yeah, I said it! I did all of that so that I could talk about the movie with that lovely lady I would have gone to see it with. ~Shaking my head~... And I'll do it again if it means spending time with that someone special.

In closing, let me get back on my 'I'm a man' trip down my movie going experience... still to date. The movie 300 is super high on my all time favorites. Avatar was off the chain and when I thought it couldn't get any better then that.. they continue to surprise me with how they've done the recent hits I've gone to see. To name a few... Batman, Iron Man, X-men, oh yeah... 'Inception!' how can I forget! Incredible movie!
I'll go see just about any movie with Denzel Washington... latest (Book of Eli, The Taking of Pelham 123, Unstoppable, etc.) Oh and the movie 'No Country for Old Men'.. wow! On the comedy end of things.. I enjoyed Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock in Death at a Funeral an oldie but goody 'Life' Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy. And I'm forever looking for that true horror movie and I have to admit I was pleasantly happy with the way 'Insidious' made me feel as I watched it. Yeah, it left me with that queasy feeling of looking over my shoulders, Oh oh, I'm walking into a dark room, or did I just hear something in the other room and I'm the only one home.. LMBO! And I saw it without my absolute favorite movie partner :-( I had to text her immediately to let her know, I found one for us to enjoy together.

And on that note, I close out by simply saying....Thanks for taking this 'Off track...' walk down 'It's more than a movie!' lane with me.

**IMMORTALS** November 11, 2011 can't get here fast enough! <= I'm on the lookout for the next 'Must See Opening Day/Night' Movie!


  1. After reading this post, I realized that I need to become a member and I need to go to the movies more often! I went to the movies back in Feb but can't remember what I saw. LOL. Obviously, I've missed some good ones this summer so I need to catch up

  2. Shaking my head... this connoisseur of movie going recommends you get back out there, you've missed a lot of 'Wow' factors in the things they are doing with these movies.

    Personally, you wouldn't be disappointed. I have a buddy I skate with that love the guy movies too and he hadn't see much of anything in the theaters lately. I did a double take and invited him on one of Little Tee and I movie adventures and he's now gone to see two movies on opening day with us. I got him hooked again. LOL!

    Oh yeah, he then went back after the first movie with the next day to catch up on some of the good stuff still in the theaters. Btw, 'The Rise of The Planet of Apes' is Off the Chain!