Saturday, September 3, 2011

For the love of it....

It's a Saturday morning, 6:35am as I look down at my watch. I'm sitting in a McDonald's in Orlando, Florida after driving a little under 9 hours from Raleigh, NC to my mother's house. The little man and I left Raleigh around 7pm Friday evening arriving at my mom's at 3:50am. Mom greets us at the door and she lets me know the bedroom little tee and I will sleep is ready. I thank her and let her know that I will only lay down for about an hour and will roll out around 5:45am to find a place to go online to watch live track and field in Daegu, South Korea. She ask, does it come on TV and I replied yes, but its taped delayed and I need to see it when its happening live!!! It's the 2011 IAAF World Championships!

My love for track and field has me putting sleep on the back burner... Smh at self, with elation to be the only seated customer in McDonald's on an early Saturday morning to feed my need for speed! Go USA!

BTW, Sally Pearson of Australia just ran incredibly fast in the 1st of 3 semi-final races in the women 100m hurdles. A national record 12.36... Wow! Looking rather unbeatable <= can I can that? Oh well, props to how well she's been racing up to and in these Championships. Well, back to giving the track my full attention.

For the love of it... and I look forward to doing all again for the final day of competition tomorrow morning :-)

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