Thursday, August 25, 2011

Inside a Box

'Inside a box'

Inside a box,
Is where my thoughts
Of you reside.
You see,
By keeping' my thoughts of you
Inside a box,
I can store them in a special place
So that when I'm ever in need
Of feeling you near
I will always know
Where to go.

Inside a box,
Is where my thoughts
Of you will remain...
For safe keeping,
Where no outside source
Can taint
Nor paint
A different picture
Of the view
I have of beautiful you.

Inside a box,
Is where my thoughts
Of you dwell...
The one place
I can box up
These feelings
I have for you
So that it don't consume
All my thoughts
And I can't get through
My day because I'm
So wrapped up in
Me some you
Now don't get me wrong
A passing thought or two
Of gorgeous you
Enhance my day
And help me pave the way,
But you must know
That too many thoughts of you
Weigh heavy on my mind,
And If I add a pound
To each thought of you
Through the course of a day
I'd weigh a ton.

Inside a box,
Is where my thoughts
Of you reside...
Because no matter how many times
I open it
To fill it up with more,
No matter how big or small
The thoughts of thee
May be…
This special kind of box
Has an infinite amount of space
That when I'm in need to take you there
I escape all rational thinking,
Allowing all thoughts to roam freely
To embrace you
To love you
Without boundaries.

Inside a box,
Is where I keep
My most prized possession...
My love for you,
And that special place
This box resides...
Is within my heart!

Terry Reese Jr.

This was a piece I wrote with that loving feeling in my heart. I hope you enjoyed and on that not.. take a listen to my kind of music... I feel these words, Enjoy! 

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