Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Woman's Touch

(Background - 'Love Supreme'.. the Artist - Alonzo Adams)

Thinking back to around the time I wrote this piece, I was still married but only a few months away from my wife and I separating. The piece is pretty much my way of saying... "This is what I need from you." but it seem to fall upon deaf's ear. We've gone through a rough two years up to this point and there were choices made on both our parts that simply iced any attempt to mend any broken links to what I (maybe her too) would be a union that will  last to the end of time. => The dreamer in me talking

Even through some rough patches I've always felt like there's nothing we can't overcome if we truly love one another. But only if we both had a mind to persevere. That we both would see all the good that comes from allowing our love to conquer what every marriage has to deal with... LIFE!

Well, I simply wanted express the vision behind the words... (divorced since February 2009) and the dreamer in me still exist  and I look forward to a day I'll be able to look that 'Beautiful Black Woman' I'll someday come home to and yes, greet her with ~open arms~ a fluttering heart and a big grin... followed by a "It's so good to see that pretty face of yours! I love you baby!"

With a little help from Gerald Levert (RIP) 


  1. WOW!!!!!!!.......Never thought anyone else knew how I felt or what I was going thru when I was in the same situation. Terry I salute you for sharing this. I guess I'm not alone.

  2. In turn, I felt the same or at least felt that there has to be others who can relate and I personally don't mind sharing a bit of what I face as I keep it moving forward.

    Life, it's not easy for anyone and it's a darn good feeling when you can find that someone who will 'stand by your side' when it's overcoming obstacles time.

    Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone either.