Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day (Reflection)


I can't remember what age I was but it was somewhere between 5-7 years old when I first looked at a woman and was Wowed! I looked at her and thought, she is the most beautiful lady in the world... so I told her, "Momma, you are beautiful and I'm going to marry you some day!" HEY! I didn't know any better about what I was saying or expressing. Well, anyways... She laughed at me and told me to get out of here with that mess with a smile.
(photo: Mom with youngest brother, Gerry)

Fast forward to present state of mine;

As I reflect on a thousand and one reasons to join in the celebration of mothers around the world, today I chose to celebrate it from the moment, that moment I looked into the eyes of a 'Beautiful Black Woman' and thought she was the 'Most Beautiful 'Gift from God' to the black man. Okay, so it wasn't that deep of a thought when I was kid but HEY! In some ways it was because any woman I found myself 'Wooing' was in a lot of ways a reflection of the first beautiful black queen I acknowledged as a little kid, my Mom.

Reflecting again on that day, I can remember also thinking... 'My dad is one lucky guy to be married to such a pretty lady...'

Present state of mine;

From that point on I think my ideal woman was beginning to take shape because I observed my mother in the light of 'this is how a woman should carry herself and do things'. For starters, she's going to be a beautiful black queen who like my mother is God fearing, nurturing, selfless in her acts, can cook, speaks her mind and what is spoken is backed with words of wisdom, respectful, supportive, forgiving, and the list goes on... <= Hmmm! A lot of qualities I feel are in me... Thank you Mom for the examples you've set!

BTW, when I say Beautiful Black Woman/ Queen do know that it's not only defined by the initial physical attraction but what follows when I get to know the beauty within. I've seen and still see those moments when beautiful black women => physically! Turn unattractive really quick by what's lacking in the way they carry themselves, the things they say and or do. <= to the young ladies of today Hint hint! Carry yourself like a lady, speak like a lady and watch how much more you'll be respected and yes, gain the right kind of attention that will be healthy in you finding Mr Right.

In closing, not only do I want to wish my Mom a Happy Mother's Day I too like to extend a Happy Mother's Day wish out to my ex wife and mother to our Handsome Young Prince. She's too has displayed...

'A Love Supreme, A Mother's Love'

Happy Mother's Day Jamie
Thank you for being a beautiful mom to our son.

Wishing you Mom, the most beautiful woman in the world
A Happy Mother's Day!
I Love You!


  1. Good post bruh!

    LOL @ you marrying your mom

    Happy Mother's day to all of the mothers out there!

  2. @Kyle, thanks for rolling through and I too still get a good laugh at too!

  3. You bring back so many good memories. I remember when my son wanted to married me; it was so funny but it sure made me laugh when I didn't feel like it. I had been going through a divorce for years (yeah it took that long to let go and let GOD). He said mama when I grow up I'll marry you and then daddy will be mad. Tickle me and of course I had to explain to him about that. I'll always will remember my mama with love and appreciation. Thanks for sharing your love of your ma.

  4. Thank you, and Thank You so very much for the wonderful share! It's a beautiful thing to be able to share a smile through/ after the storms life surely will bring us all.

    Wishing a Happy Mother's Day to you.

  5. I have a 9 y/o and there are days when I wake him up for school and then he walks in my room and asks "How's my beautiful mommy this morning?" I always think he's about to ask for something. This post makes me smile to see how little boys think of their moms.

  6. @Serenity23, I absolutely love hearing about stories like this. Count em 'precious moments' as well as teachable moments to those who have no clue that the appreciation for a 'woman's worth' starts early in a youth development.

    Loving it and thank you for the share. I like knowing I wasn't alone in my appreciation for my mom who help shape the man I wanted to become in the treatment of all women... Gentlemanly, respectful, precious, and a voice that needs to be heard.