Thursday, June 16, 2011

My 2011 Father's Day thought (Flashback to the day my son was born)

On Sunday June 19, 2011 it's our turn..  that's right! It's Fathers Day and I'm elated to say that for 10 years and some months, I've had the privilege of wearing the hat of dad daily (A full 24 hours, 7 days a week). Through the up and downs (the hurdles seen and unforeseen) the one thing that remain a constant since the day little tee was born, I am a father to a son and for as long as I have God's blessing, His mercy and grace to see another day I'll continue to live up to the challenge of raising a son to be a man, and prayerfully a even better father to his son(s) and/ or daughter(s). 

His mom went into labor on a Monday night around midnight and 14 and half hours later 2:28 pm on Tuesday the 26th day of September 2000, we were blessed with a handsome young prince, Terry Reese III. It wasn't until the moment I held him in my arms that he was named after me. 
Tiger Woods ~fist pump~ YES!

A hungry Baby Tee
Lil Tee's mom had  initially got me to settle for Terrence Jamal Reese before birth.. Whew! Not a fan of that name... But once I held him in my arms and looked her in the eyes when the nurse asked us what will be the name of our blessing. I got my wish to name him after my father and I. See picture =>

Random father and son moments through the years (2000 - 2011)

Daddy Tee and Afro lil tee

Back to school - 3rd grade

A Day at the Office (Paul Derr Track)

Yeah! We big like that!

Workout time at Paul Derr Track

At the neighborhood park

Father's Day/ Birthday Dinner at Kickback Jacks June 20, 2010

In Buffalo, NY

Dad and Baby Tee

Each One, Teach One

Father's day 2009

At the park

Kings Dominion July 2010

Incredible ride
This was too fun (1 hour 30 minute wait time for front row)
Before going into Kings Dominion
Fathers and sons King Dominion July 2010

Duke Twilight 2010

Wolfpack Football 2010

Wolfpack 2010 Champs Sports Bowl Game (Orlando, Florida)

Snow day

October 28, 2010 - Wolfpack 28 - FSU 24

NC State baseball vs VA Tech 2010

At the park

I look forward to celebrating this day, Fathers Day with my son. 
Wishing my Father a Happy Father's Day.

Today, I lift in prayer my desires that God continues to grant me the courage, the strength and the guidance I'll need daily of meeting the expectations of what it means to be a 'Father to a Son'.

Happy Fathers Day to all the true fathers of the world. 
The greatest gift we all can give our sons and daughters is 'Our Time'.

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