Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why do women do this? Flashback: One year ago

Random share: Why do women do this?

Recently I saw my new neighbor (my 9-year son and I are in 100% agreement that she is one ‘pretty lady’) waltz out seconds after us as we were about to get into the car. We both did a double-take, and it slowed down my stride. I kept my thoughts to myself, “Whoa! Where is she going looking so incredibly good in that body length form fitting sundress?”   Well, I snapped out of it to do the gentlemanly ‘Hi’ as she beat us both into our cars while we watched her drive off waving. I’m shaking my head, Wow!

Well, later that night our paths crossed again. Returning to my apartment from taking out the trash and behold, there she was! We meet and greet in the parking lot (this seems to be the trend lately), but this time around she’s wearing jeans. We traded words and of course, I’m a guy who can’t (an in most cases won’t) pass up giving a well deserved compliment. I complimented her on her dress from earlier in the day. She goes on to tell me that she went to a birthday celebration for a family member and that she only wore the outfit she had on earlier because her Ex was going to be there. Shaking my head and thinking whatever went wrong with that, she obviously want him to think twice about what he’s missing. She explained that she was on her way back to her family’s place but wanted to get out of that sundress, I take it served its purpose and now she can go back to the normal wear. Laughing on the inside and thinking, “That’s just wrong!” You got me missing you and I don’t even know you yet!

Well, the conversation concluded around the subject of my 9-year old son and her nephew who’s a year older dealing with some similar issues that led to her asking for my phone number, Huh?  Not that I’m oppose to ‘the pretty lady from upstairs’ having my number, I just need to know will the Ex be a problem down the road. <= bonus share I’m smiling! Now back to the topic.

I have my own conclusions to why women do this but I want to hear from the ladies; men please chime in as well, I’m sure you have a story or two about seeing your Ex in ‘Woo woo woo’ mode, looking incredibly gorgeous.

Why do you insist on torturing your Ex if he is your Ex?  In other words you put in an extra effort to look extremely good when you know you will be in his presence again?    


<= Bonus share... Mm! Mm! Mm!

Yeah I got a thing for me some Kerry Washington!  


  1. MAN THATS SOME BULL!!! Coleman...LOL

  2. Lmbo!

    You know you enjoyed the story telling.

  3. They truth aren't over the dude.
    Why else would she care?
    And my 2cents, if dude returned--she would take him back in a heart beat. /T

  4. 9 times out of 10, you're right... she'll take him back.

  5. As a general rule, women try to avoid running into the ex looking bad (although this is sometimes beyond their control). It's actually not an indication that she wants him back at all. It's just a pride thing. Women have some [pride] too ya know

  6. Thanks for sharing that.. and I definitely can see it as you've expressed. I think it's a human reaction or at least I like to think when I'm seen by my ex... I'm lookin' incredibly fit and not wearing my worries on my sleeves.