Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hurdling my way to 'peace of mind'

April 10, 2011, It's a Sunday afternoon and there is no better place for me to be then that of working out at the track. Besides the benefits of physically maintaining my health, it's been healthy for my mind and spirit too. I really enjoy it most on Sundays on a sunshine of a day because I basically have the entire track to myself. I love the energy I get from days like this to simply free my mind as I work up a sweat. On this particular Sunday, I pulled the hurdles out for the second time this spring (on a Sunday) and because of how well I've maintain my fitness I didn't hesitate when I decided to raise the hurdle height to the 110m hurdle height I raced at for many years. If you've never stood next to a hurdle at 42 inches, pull out a measuring tape and get an up close and personal feel for what you've witness me repeating stepping over. 

Although I don't compete anymore, I've found it to be refreshing in my maintaining fitness to on occasion lace up the spikes and hurdle. I'm only a couple months away from my 44th birthday and it still feels 'Incredibly Good!' to put some pep in my step and hurdle those 42 inches. 

We all should find that thing or things we do that allows you to unwind and refuel for the challenges of a new day. I workout by running, skating, playing with my son... but hurdling... I'm on top of the world!

The peace of mind that comes with all of the above is a blessing I embrace with joyful and thankful heart and mind... 

Thank You Father God!

Terry Reese Jr.

~it's the hurdler in me that looks at life in the same light... we all have to face obstacles... I simply anticipate and hurdle it in stride~

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