Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And the beat goes on...

This piece I'm sharing is sort of a poetic verbal sparring, after reading 
a thought shared, it was my turn to sling a few words in an attempt
to entertain. Not sure how it came across but I had some fun with
trying to recite the words how they come across in my head. Btw, if you read
along with me.. I left out one of favorite lines... darn it! But I've recited that
enough and leaving 'As Is'...

**Disclaimer** I'm not a poet nor do I understand the ins and outs of being a poet
but I do enjoy my attempts to share what's in my head.

And The Beat Goes On... 

‘And The Beat Goes On…’

You see!
That’s the shhh!
I’m talkin’ bout!
When I finally feel like
I got a grip
On things
Your beautiful display
Of free speech
Send my mine
On yet another trip
One that has me
Takin’ you by the hand
And leadin’ you to
Our favorite place
‘The dance floor of our thoughts’
Swept Away by Kevin Williams 
And just so you know
I got a few more tricks up my sleeves
As I two-step around your beautifully sculptured body
To the harmony
Of your thoughts
With minez

Mmm Mmm Mmm,
Can you hear it?
The ring
As ‘the beat goes on’
Thinkin’ to self…
That’s our song!

Damn that sounds good…
I dip you to the left…
And sway to the right
Clickin’ my heels
As if this trip
Will lead us down
That yellow brick roadJ

Dream Wonderland
Is where this trip will end
Because my mind stays in a trance

As thoughts of you slip
And slide to a melody
That only I can hear
Between my ears
For one lastin’ dance

As the beat goes on…

Terry Reese Jr.
January 2012 © 

Song played in background of video: Rain by Rod Tate


  1. I love it! Look at you, lol! Doing your thing...as the beat goes on! And the background music was so soothing...enticing me to just let go...and dance!

  2. Lmbo and saying thanks appreciatively Miz!.. for enduring my verbal word play. It sounds so funny to hear my own voice. And to try and do some justice to what was written. I enjoyed it even though I missed saying one of my favorite lines in the who piece. LOL!

    Thanks again.. and the background music selection has done it's job. Let go and move to the rhythm!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's greatly appreciated...