Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm A Manly Man - Part II

Yes, I’m that guy… A Manly Man – Part II

I’m a person who actually likes to play my role and see others do so as well. What I mean… you’re a man, be a man, you’re a woman it is quite okay to BE A WOMAN. For all those ladies out that there who actually care to be with a man or have a man. Let your man feel like a man. Yeah, I know… you are super woman and you can do it all. Whatever the reasons or circumstances you found yourself in and had to and now carry the mindset “I’m Miss Independent… I don’t need a man to do a thing me”. Well, newsflash… There is still a few of us who actually like to treat you like a lady, do things for you, or be seen by you as a manly man doing some manly man things.  Speaking for myself, it’s nice that you can do it all… but it’s even nicer when you’re in a situation that will allow for a man to step up and do those things that make a man feel like he’s your hero. I know when I can; I enjoy doing my part as a Manly man doing manly things from the simple to the complex.

Enough of that before I take this short share down another path. Some months ago (October 2011) I did a blog titled ‘Yes, I’m that guy… A Manly Man’  This past Friday, I found myself throwing on my ‘I’m a man, doing manly man things t-shirt. It don’t matter how simple the task was… it just felt good to feel like I was in that ‘Man’s man world’ of telling a lady... “Please step back. I got this!”

Its Friday, March 9th, I made a call around noon to Advance Auto to see if the part I order had come in. It was confirmed it was in the store ready for pick-up, so I immediately made my way over to pick it up.
Back in October of 2011 I had to replace my thermostat and it resolved my running hot issue but after a few months I noticed that my overflow tank was leaking. I had it checked out to see if the leak was in another location but it all seem to stem from the overflow tank. So I finally took the time to find the part needed so that I can ‘Do It Myself!’

That’s right… ‘Do It Myself!’ I’ve already changed into my ‘let’s go to work doing a manly man thing’ wear and upon returning home, I parked the car in a ‘this looks like a good spot to do my man thing’ place… Popped the hood, got my tools out the trunk and went to work. So what if the task was easy as 1, 2, and 3… the appearance of being seen under the hood like I knew what the heck I was doing felt… MANLY!

This is when I was feeling really MANLY! While in the middle of removing the old overflow tank and putting in the new overflow tank, I get a phone call from my ex-wife. She called to let me know she had made it home and that she wanted to confirm what time I would be picking our son up to go see ‘John Carter’ the IMAX viewing. (It’s opening day and when I can, I’m taking little me to the movies with me. FYI, we enjoyed it!) Without really thinking about the task at hand, I told her that I would be picking him up as soon as I had finished doing my Manly Man thing of replacing my overflow tank. She responded in a manner that almost had me standing in my ‘I’m Superman’ pose… Laughing at myself but HEY! Her response was, “You’re doing it yourself!?! Wow!”  Those few words from a woman made this Manly Man feel like “I’m a man, doing a manly man thing.’ ~beats chest~

Its 3 days later and I haven’t had any leaking problems and the temperature gauge is hovering at the normal needle level.



  1. Yay you! Let's hear it for all the Manly Men doing Manly things!

    1. Thank you Michele! It was definitely an EMPOWERING feelin' to feel my Manliness on this day! LOL!