Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The First Time I Laid Eyes On You

Flashback to a time, that feels just like yesterday. 
The time I'm referring to?
That first time feeling of laying eyes on one beautiful sight
And that initial response was.. 
an 'awe' moment
that kept you from 
Doing what was in your mind to do. 

Here's a piece I wrote way back in 2001...
Love that feeling.. and enjoyed writing this.

Matters of the Heart

‘First Time I Laid Eyes On You’
African Beauty by Hendrick Gill
 The first time I laid eyes on you
I didn’t know what to do.
In a panic, I passed you by,
My heart skipped a beat when I realized
I didn’t even say ‘hi’.
Although I didn’t speak, I couldn’t resist
The urge to turn and look back
At the ‘Beauty I just missed.

When I look back to the first time I laid eyes on you,
You were sitting on a plane in row number two.
I immediately took my seat in row number three,
Because your pretty face was a treat for me to see.
In one glance,
My mind, body, and soul went into a trance,
Forever held captive to the beauty I just seen.
Now, at a lost for words and not sure of what the future holds,
I regrettably passed on my only chance
To take you by the hand and lead you in a dance,
A dance I felt could have been ‘love at first sight’.

The first time I laid eyes on you,
I had no clue
Dreams do come true.
Because to my surprise!
Our paths have crossed once again,
But this time, I will know where to begin.

Beautiful Lady,
“Let’s give ‘love’ a chance, may I have the last dance?”

Terry Reese Jr.
(C) 2001

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