Thursday, January 24, 2013

For The Love Of Skating - So I thought...

I caught the bug a little over 2 years ago from the date of this skate birthday party. And when I saw this flyer via Facebook it gave me the perfect excuse to make my way to rink for yet another roll. 

As I flashback to the day that I saw the flyer, I can remember thinking... Hmm?.. 
I don't recall ever seeing this lovely lady on the flyer at the rink.. but if she's throwing 
a skate party for her birthday. She must have some killer skills on eights. So I thought! NOT! 
Maybe she's from out of town? Maybe this is her way of getting back into skating? 
I'm at the rink 99.9% of the time for Adult nights and I've NEVER seen her. 
Enough of trying to figure out who she is, I got another date with the wood. 

~Pumps fist~ I'm elated for another opportunity to hit the wood rollin', working up a sweat and
having a blast is all that matters to me!

Most nights I try to make it to the rink as soon as doors open so that I can basically have the floor to myself and put in a good 20 minutes of up tempo skating to break a serious sweat and feel worked out. Once I'm done with the 20 minutes plus a 10 minute cool down, then it's on to simply enjoying the rest of my roll until the evening concludes.

The Pretty Lady In The Golden Top

My enduro-skate is done, the rink is starting to fill.. I look to see if the 'Life of the Party' Birthday Girl is on the floor so I could make my way over and wish her a Happy Birthday and thank her for the skate time. I noticed a pretty lady in a golden top and thought.. that might be her, Mm! I hope it's her.. she's gorgeous! I didn't remember what she looked like from the flyer.. Remember, I'm here simply 'For The Love Of Skating' and didn't pay it no mind... All I remember seeing on the flyer... 12am-3am Skate Session!!! 
Skate Hero 'Fluid'

She wasn't on the rink floor at this time. So I rolled over to my first Skate Hero 'Fluid' and asked, "Is gold top over there the birthday girl?" He confirmed my initial thought that it was her so I took note of it and when I felt the coast was clear to roll over and speak. I would do just that, but the moment I wanted to do it... there comes this braid wearing dude looking out of place in the rink who stepped up to her and they were having conversation. I thought maybe that it was her man so I respected their space and will simply wait for the next opportune time to do so.

I'm back to enjoying the night, the music was good, the energy level was at it highest. Although I was enjoying my roll, I couldn't resist the need to gaze ever so often at that pretty lady in the golden top. Then I noticed the braided hair dude had put on a pair of brownies (rentals) and totally was out of place as he struggled to stay on his feet. I continued to skate and caught a glimpse of the pretty lady in the golden top in the middle of the rink trying to skate backwards and that answered my question... She's definitely not a regular or a skilled skater. But hey! Thanks to her, I got an extra night to roll and this one was til 3 am! ~Pumps Fist~ YES!

As we continue the skate session into the wee hours... the pretty lady in the golden top is on the sideline again, and yes the braided hair dude is like glue to her hip... Will this dude give her some breathing room!?! Geez!.. Bump it! I'm not rolling another lap around this rink until I've gone over to that pretty lady in the golden top and wish her a Happy Birthday!.. She's gon' hear from me TONIGHT! <~ Bernie Mack's voice ~

Replaying that moment in time when I made my way over to where she's sitting.. I equipped myself with a 'friend zone smile', it felt as though time slowed as I rolled within inches of her feet.  I noticed she looked startled from the black boot of my skate nearly at her feet, she quickly looked up and our eyes met. She immediately stood up with the most radiantly beautiful smile as if she had been anticipating this very moment, that is, my introduction. Oh! my goodness!.. She's Gorgeous! It was a bit awkward because the way she stood up and smiled, the natural response in me was to open my arms.. pull her close and give those luscious lips a kiss. WHOA! Wait! You can't do that!!! She don't know me from a can of paint, plus this braided hair dude just might be her man!

Shaking my head thankfully for that auto-pilot desire to act on my thoughts stayed in it rightful place.. In my head! I quickly snapped out of it and told her thanks for the open invitation and  wished her a Happy Birthday... (skates off)
Enjoying the Cake
The Birthday Cake

Before the evening concluded, I did get to enjoy her cake and catch her in another rare appearance on the wood while I was skating backwards... I rolled passed her and our eyes met, but this time... we kept eye contact beyond the in passing glance, feeling the music that had me skating backwards, which made for the perfect opportunity to give her a show. That I did when I performed my signature backward skate move that Fluid aka Junior Bounce nickname the Cha-salsaringue...

While I Cha-salsaringue the pretty lady in the golden top never took her eyes off me so I nodded my head as to say, Yeah, you like what you see... We traded smiles and from that point on, all I can remember thinkin'... I nailed it, she's hooked! I'm going to reach out to her after this evening. I need to find out if braided hair dude is her man!?. If so, oh well.. if not, it's on... let the wooing pick up from my Cha-salsaringue. 

*Side note - braided hair dude wasn't her man. Thank goodness, I was about to wonder about her taste in men!?! Not there's nothing wrong with a braided hair man.. I'm just thinking I'm a better fit for her. ~Nods head~

Cha-Salsaringue - My Signature Backward Skate

Maybe, just maybe a little bit... I'm stretching the replay in my mind of how I met the Lovely Lady In My Life... But Hey! Since the evening of February 25th, 2012. It doesn't matter... because it was my 'For The Love of Skating' that I was fortunate in finding a new love... 

'For The Love of Tracy' 

I'm Throwing my hands up as the tune of Mary J. Blige - Don't Mind plays daily in my ears and it is you Tracy who I'm thinkin' of.

Love you babes!


  1. This was so beautiful and story leading to another. Congratulations, a story worth telling and hearing :)

  2. Thank you Miz!

    Yes indeed, one story leading to another. I had fun telling this one.. Lol! Tracy got a kick out it too.

  3. Nice couple....god bless you.

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