Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Look

'The Look'
In the Reese household, a priceless father and son moment was made today after we finished a day at the baseball park practicing on a tennis court. Why, the tennis courts? There was a team practice for another youth league team that seems to show up the same time lately when I take him over to this particular park we had no issues for months. Well, Lil man was suppose to practice yesterday with his team but practice was cancelled for the 3rd time (rain or a wet field from rain the prior day). So, it was a 3 person show, Lil Tee, his mom and myself making sure he's staying baseball ready. His team has had only 1 actual practice together and they will have their first game in 9 days. Shaking my head! I think the coach needs to be more resourceful and come up with alternatives in order to come together as one. That's another story... on to reason for this post!

After we left the park, we stopped by the closest grocery store to buy his mom some flowers... <~ teaching moment. She left before we did because she was hit by the ball thrown to her from Lil Tee. Although it was an accident, it shows concerns and the flowers serve as a cheer up and hope you're feeling better soon. We checked in on her, he gave her the flowers, said some kind words and gave her a hug. She smiled, and showed her appreciation for the thoughtfulness. We then left and had one more stop, that was to get gas and restock on water from Sam's Club.

The look in the picture is 'the look' my son had on his face when we walked into Sam's Club to get water and treat ourselves to 1 slice of pizza. Our treat for doing a much better job of eating well portioned meals, more fruits and veggies and his showing up as an athlete all week in all his workout challenges from baseball practice, running at the track, and the Energize program (3 times a week, this program meets to teach families how to eat better, grocery shop, exercise, etc).

If you haven't been to Sam's Club before (It's members only shop til you drop, bulk size products, etc.), at the entrance is someone waiting to check for your membership card and on this particular day. There was a young lady at the door who greeted us and after we walked passed her.. Little Tee, turned to me with 'the look' no words needed that said... "DAD! Did You See Her!!!" I'm in 100% agreement with his look and said, "She's very pretty." Little Tee, still with 'the look' on his face nodded his head in agreement and mumbled, "Uh huh!"

If you've read any of my previous post... you know I'm all about 'I'm a Man' who enjoys doing his man things.. Well, nothing makes a Manly Man more happy then knowing his seed, his handsome young prince shows an appreciation for a beautiful girl, young lady, WOMAN!

Priceless was the moment made when I could share with my son, the same appreciation with 'The Look'... no words needed! 

That's a ~Tiger Woods fist pump moment~ 

After quickly finding what I needed, I purchased and we made our way over to the snack bar and order our slice of pizza. We sat and ate, and before we left... there was a shifting of position of those standing at the entrance and exist. The pretty young lady is now at the exit. Too funny was 'the look' Lil Tee had when he noticed her standing there. Another teaching moment ~> We approached her with receipt in hand to have her check it off. She kindly greeted us and I replied appropriately but threw in the extra, "My son and I would like you to know.. we both think you're beautiful." She shared the biggest smile as she received the compliment in a well mannered way. 

Priceless was 'The Look' or shall I say 'The Grin' Little Tee had on his face as we left the store. 


  1. I loved this! I believe it is so important that men show their young men how to appreciate women and you did just that! Kudo's to all of the wonderful fathers out there, esp you!

    1. Thank you Miz! I concur, and I'm steppin' up to the plate to teach my son how to be appropriate, respectful to all women.